Unraid Parity Upgrade and Data Drive Addition Procedure

Hi everyone,


My new HBA card arrives today, an LSI 9207-8i. I already have my mini-SAS (SFF-8087) to SATA cables, and my new WD 14TB HDD, and so I’m now ready to begin the process of upgrading my current 10TB parity drive to my new 14TB drive. The 10TB former parity drive is going to become another data disk in my storage array.

This is something that’s done infrequently enough that a checklist is needed, so I’ve written up the following procedure for upgrading an Unraid parity drive and swapping it out as a data drive.

Unraid Parity Upgrade and Data Drive Addition Procedure

  1. Run a SMART check on all of your disks in preparation for the upgrade. If you have a data disk that’s about to fail, it’s best to know now.

  2. Preclear the new drive. While the new drive is preclearing, also run a parity check.

  3. Turn off array auto start.

  4. Stop the array.

  5. Tools - New Config - Preserve current assignments - All.

  6. Reassign the parity configuration to the new 14TB drive.

  7. Assign old parity drive as a data drive.

  8. Start array with rebuild box checked.

This procedure has been run past the Unraid experts, but if you have anything else to add, please let me know!