Tragedy Strikes My 3D Printer- Monoprice Maker Select Mini Power Supply Failure

One of my 3D printers stopped working this morning, when I went to print a mount to shore up the camera for one of my planes (a RunCam Split 3 Nano, in case you’re interested).

Most likely a failure of the power supply, a really common issue with this particular printer, a Monoprice Maker Select Mini (I’m technically running the v1, this is the v2):

Great, economical little printer for printing small parts.

As shown in the video, when the power switch is flipped on the printer, the blue LED on the power brick goes out. Sometimes the screen comes on and then goes out a few moments later (also variable, sometimes it’s only there for a split second, other times for a few minutes). If I leave it plugged in periodically the screen will come back on (with the blue light on the brick also coming back on), before going back out again.

There are a couple of tricks out there about these weird galopy maneuvers as Click and Clack would call it:

This cycling behavior is a really common failure mode among switched-mode power supplies.

There are, of course, other things that could be causing this failure, like a short dragging my power supply into the ground, but I am going to try a new power supply first. This is the one I’ve ordered off Amazon:

Wish me luck!


New power brick has arrived for my Monoprice Maker Select Mini:

And I’m pleased to report that once again the printer is now working and we’re back in business!

So it looks like I can recommend the COOLM 12V 10A Switching Power Supply Adapter Charger with 5.5mm x 2.5mm DC Plug as a replacement power supply for the Monoprice Maker Select Mini.