The Engineer's Workshop Newsletter: March 22, 2021

This Week In Review

New Article on How To Automatically Fix NFS Stale File Handle Errors

New Docker VMs Deployed for Non-Prod and Production

In part of a larger move to migrate my current web server VMs to Docker (for those that have an available Docker image), I have set up two new VMs to run Docker. The non-production Docker VM will be used for development and testing purposes while the production VM will be used to serve sites such as this one (but not actually this one because Discourse doesn’t recommend managing their Docker container in Docker). However, the main blog at will be served out of a Docker container. Same story with the reverse proxy.

The main motivations for doing so are to 1) save disk space, 2) improved maintenance (just pull the Docker image for updates), and 3) improved inter-service network performance.

On The Radar

Ghost 4.0 Upgrade

Continuing to monitor the upgrade to Ghost 4. I had considered updating last weekend, but if you’re unaware, the whole Ghost 4 deployment has been a fiasco. Lots of issues with 503 errors and Ghost deployments being left in a broken state. As a result, I’ve set a calendar reminder to not even consider upgrading for at least another month with the hope that the Ghost team will have resolved these problems by that time.

What’s Ahead

Calibre Server Docker Container Deployment

Still debating on Calibre server vs Calibre-Web. I’m likely going with straight Calibre server since it supports multiple libraries.

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