The Engineer's Workshop Newsletter: March 1, 2021

What I’ve Been Up To

  • Fundamentals of ZFS Caching Notes

    • Be sure to check them out!
  • Grad school applications

  • Deployed KeePass password manager

    • Needed a secure way to keep track of homelab sysadmin passwords, as well as for personal use
    • To keep KeePass synced across devices, all I had to do was create the KeePass database in a Nextcloud location
      • This has worked extremely well and any updates I’ve made in KeePass on one device have appeared on the other devices instantly
  • Troubleshot Broken Grafana Dashboards for those using the InfluxDB/telegra/Grafana stack on Unraid

    • “InfluxDB Error: Bad Request” message on Grafana dashboard after InfluxDB container update
    • Quick fix: Peg InfluxDB docker container to specific version of the database with:
      • influxdb:1.8.4-alpine

On the Radar

  • ZFS

    • Current VM images are consuming nearly 50% of available disk space on lvm-thin storage; time to start planning for future storage
    • Target Date: Summer 2021
  • How to Port Forward When You Don’t Have Control of the Router

    • Many of you have asked me questions about how to set something up that requires port forwarding and some of you have run into the show-stopper where you can’t enable port forwarding either because you’re stuck behind a CGNAT or you don’t have admin access on the router
  • So let’s do something about this and prevent it from being a “show-stopper” so you can progress past this
    • Target Date: Spring 2021

This Week’s Goals

  • ZFS Project Research

    • I’ve been researching the feasibility of using ZFS as a Proxmox storage target in the homelab (hence the ZFS caching notes above); will continue to do so
  • Quick forum article on Docker for Unraid users so they can avoid problems like the InfluxDB issue above

    • What happened?
    • Why is setting a tag on a Docker database image necessary?
    • How can we prevent this in the future?
    • Future: How to migrate from InfluxDB 1.8.4 to Influx 2.