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Thanks, yelnats and welcome to the forum!

Are there any topics you are interested in specifically that you would like to see posts on?

I’m interested in creating a sort of ecommerce store to sell my own stuff on the Ghost blog, specifically one that can take PayPal payments (or maybe crypto) not only Stripe.

Not sure if this is the most relevant request, but if you guys think this is a topic that can be expanded on, it’d be cool to see it here.

Hi Van (mind if I keep calling you Van?),

Unfortunately ecommerce isn’t really something I have any expertise in- I’m more of a buyer than a seller. :sweat_smile:

I think Ghost has some ecommerce integrations- shopify being one of them. Would something like that work?

Have you looked into WordPress as opposed to Ghost? I think they probably have a lot more ecommerce support due to their size and age.

If I come across anything, I’ll keep you in mind!

Thanks again for the feedback and welcome to the blog,

Ok, just saw your reply right now. I didn’t get a notif for this.

I looked at Snipcart, which is recommended on the Ghost official site. Seems very good.

I will give these guys a try & see how it goes. Thanks for your suggestion. Wordpress has too many little things to configure which may be too much for me. That’s why I am happily using Ghost.

Love your Wireguard tutorial on RPi! Yes you can call me Van :slight_smile:

I posted a topic in the Linux section about filesystem event triggers. Could be an interesting thing to look at.

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