How To Set Up WireGuard on unRAID

unRAID 6.8 is soon to be released and within it lies a game changer for all of us, including those new to the homelab to those of us with more "advanced" setups. I am, of course, talking about WireGuard.

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Thank you for a great article. I have been wanting to do this. I think I did everything correctly, but I’m not getting DNS assigned. After much troubleshooting, I can ping and attach to my unRaid server using IP but not name resolution. Same with external sites (I’m guessing as I can ping and but not attach to a web site as I do not know any ones IPs. Any suggestions?

Hi Joe,

Good troubleshooting steps. I agree, it sounds like DNS is not getting assigned. Did you assign a Peer DNS server in the VPN Manager? (If not, assign it to something like Let me know how that works out!


Thanks - I did not see that option. Should I assign it my home router so I can get to stuff on my home net or an external? Also do I need then to export the config again and re-import it to the client.

Yeah, unfortunately the Peer DNS setting only appears after you create the peer (and you have to look for it by clicking the drop down arrow). You typically shouldn’t have to set it. If I am indeed correct, that makes me wonder if your unRAID server’s DNS settings are also off. (Can you ping from the terminal in unRAID?)

It depends on if your router is also running a DNS server- a lot do. First though, I’d check to make sure that this is actually the problem and just set it to a common DNS like or You will have to export the config again and re-import to the client.