How to make a Tags page

Hi there, first of all I love your site. Could u please instruct us how to make a Tags page like this one:

There are some tags not visible on the post, how were you able to do this? Is this applicable to other theme as well?

Many thanks!

Hi Van,

Welcome to the forum! I’m glad you’ve joined.

Yep, the tag cloud page picks up on all tags, not just the primary tag (i.e. the first tag) you see associated with a typical post. I can write up a guide this weekend if you like.

If you’re chomping at the bit and want to get started sooner, you can simply copy this Handlebars.js template from nightCasper:

The “custom” word in the front is important in Ghost, as it allows you to select it as a template when you create a new page. Once you have that .hbs file in your theme, you merely need to create a page, give it a title (i.e. “Tags”) and select the tagsCloud template in the page settings.

It will work with any other theme. The only problem you might run into is the color. Since nightCasper is a dark theme, the font color is white (shaded based on number of posts). If you need to disable that, you can simply comment out/delete line 58.

Let me know if you run into any problems or need help!


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That was the most simple, easiest process I’ve ever completed. Yes pls, if you have some time it’d be great to read from you on the inner workings of the tags pick-up for this.

:blush:Thanks again!

That’s good news- you got it working then?

By the way, are there any other topics or posts you’d like to see? I’m always taking requests. I really need to set up another tag on the site header for “Suggest a Topic”…

Yeah, it’s working fine now. I just don’t know how to add non-primary tags yet to the posts.

Oh, you just add them as an additional tag to your post. The first tag listed determines the primary tag, the others just list that post under them:


Dang lol got it, thanks!

lol, no problem.

I wrote up that devLog post discussing the design/algorithm behind creating a tag cloud page in Ghost:

You are so creative. Loved it!