How to Fix ESP32 Compiler Error in Arduino IDE: /heltec/esp32/tools/esptool/ No module named

So you've installed one of the various ESP32 board managers for the Arduino IDE. You go to compile your code and you get the following message:

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I use Windows. I bought a 30 pin version of the ESP32 from Amazon, it gives a similar error about not being able to upload anything, but your explanations are for linux. Someday I’ll try Linux, but your stuff is interesting. Just not getting past this rabbit hole.

Hi Jeff,

Is it the exact same error? If so, check out this guide from the pySerial project. Seems like it should be the same idea except you’ll drop the sudo since that’s a Linux command. If the above command doesn’t work, it may just be because you don’t have Python 2 installed (again assuming it’s the same error). In which case, try using this guide to install Python 2 on Windows and try again.

Hope this helps,