Deploying an unRAID NFS Server

Many of you are already familiar with SMB shares (more colloquially known as "Windows network shares" and, among Linux users, as "CIFS shares"). If you are, then you probably also wonder if there's a "Linux network share". The answer is that, yes there is, they're called "NFS shares". So what are NFS shares and why should you use them?

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Thanks so much for the great write up! … I’ve been running UnRAID for a number of years and only recently switched to using NFS on my shares, as all my Mac devices suffer from terrible slow transfer speeds to an from my UnRAID box. Full gigabit network, and my transfer speeds from UnRAID max out at 30MB/s, where as my windows devices saturate the gigabit link at 112MB/s. Spent weeks troubleshooting, changed out cables, did complete network rebuild etc … until someone suggested to try NFS shares … and bang my transfers to Mac devices now saturate my gigabit link too.

I have noticed a very weird behaviour on my Mac devices though, since using NFS shares. When I am browsing through folders, it will regularly just only show some of the folders, until I go up one or two folders, and then go back again and the missing folders appear - or I have to unmount and remount the NFS share. I haven’t noticed any particular pattern or anything either, but the behaviour is consistent. The NFS shares are mounted as guest enabled and wide open as its just my media shares, but I wouldn’t think permissions would cause such behaviour.

Maybe its that NFS stale file handles you mentioned? Keen to see the write up on that :slight_smile:

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