Bridge a 4g dongle and DHCPCD.conf

All the stuff out there is written about bridges is also about making a wifi hotspot. Most of it is wrong for old /etc/network times. Jessie and before. I don’t want a hotspot. Very little about bridging two physical connections and dhcpcd.

I have 4g dongle. Plugged into the raspberry pi and plays and reaches the internet. It is wwan0 whose IP is now, the dongle gateway is, the dongle provides the IP addresses DNS. I want to bridge wwan0 to eth0 so eth0 devices can reach the internet. I have been using brctl (from bridge-utils). I prefer to bridge, I do not want to NAT again. I don’t need any firewall here. So any help in bridging two physical connections much appreciated by me and many others.

Hi Gerry,

Thanks for the post and welcome to the forum. So if I understand you correctly, you basically want to implement something like this but with dhcpcd instead? (And where wwan0 acts as the WAN connection with eth0 acting as a sort of LAN for other devices to receive their internet connection?)

Do I have that right?