Adding a Portable USB Monitor to Ubuntu: How to Set Up the DisplayLink Driver

Dual monitors are essential for productivity. They eliminate the interruption of having to flip back and forth between related activities. But what about when you're not at your desk? That's where portable USB monitors come in. (You also needn't spend a lot of money on one- the AOC E1659FWU, which at $89 on Amazon, is an absolute steal.) On Linux, installing the DisplayLink driver that AOC (and many other USB monitors) use isn't the simplest thing to do in the world. The chief reason being that the DisplayLink driver often doesn't present the correct list of available resolutions to Ubuntu. This often manifests itself as a USB monitor that turns on, but displays a bunch of vertical/squiggly lines. In this tutorial I will show you to how install the DisplayLink driver from scratch and update the list of available resolutions presented to Ubuntu.

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